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Tangram Pro Now Includes OMS 2.3




On Friday, April 13th, the Open Architecture Management Office (OAMO) released the latest version of the Government-owned architectural specification Open Mission Systems (OMS) 2.3. This is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Inevitably your team will need to develop code to meet the new specifications. This will require weeks of reading, planning, writing, development, and testing. The new specification is a welcomed one, to be certain, but we know this will be a burden, and failing to meet the newest standards could result in lost revenue or failure to secure future government contracts.

In less than 90 minutes, we processed the OMS 2.3 standard into a useable format for systems engineers to use in Tangram Pro.

The power of Tangram Pro and our open-source Flex code cannot be overstated. To pull in a new architecture standard and have it readily available for system interface design that fast shows how we are on a mission to accelerate innovation when it comes to advancing the capabilities of mission-critical systems. Even better, with Tangram Pro, you can craft data transforms from previous versions of OMS to the latest version, updating your system without tedious edits to your individual software applications. This maintains security requirements and quickly modernizes your system with little recertification!

And what's just as impactful is leveraging our Tangram Pro-to-Cameo integration, where we were able to create an MBSE model that is compliant with the new standard by pushing Tangram Pro interfaces to the Cameo model. This allows System Engineers to declare OMS 2.3 messages within their MBSE models, showing yet another example of how Tangram is pushing the Interactive Digital Thread.

If you would like to learn more about about how Tangram Pro can rapidly update your embedded system software integration to OMS 2.3, reach out to or...