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API Data Flow Visualization and Project Release Management are here!

We are on a mission to accelerate innovation by enabling integration, interoperability, and assurance of modular software components. We listen closely to our customers to develop deep understanding of their needs and the nuances of the unique challenges they are tackling to deliver rapid integration with confidence.

Armed with this attitude and these insights, we are thrilled to announce that Tangram Pro now supports API Data Flows, OpenAPI schemas, and Project Release Management

These features open a whole new world of possibilities for teams of engineers, designers, and architects to manage and visualize their software systems with Tangram Pro. We are excited to see the things our customers build with these features.

Let’s dive into what’s new and why it matters!


New Features to Enhance Your Workflow

API Data Flows

Tangram Pro is already a robust platform for developing systems at the message level, and today’s software landscape demands a simple way to integrate at the API level, too.

One of the most powerful features of the Designer Toolkit is the ability to diagram the flow of real messages between components. With the introduction of Data Flows, you can now do the same thing with APIs.

This is a whole new way to use Tangram Pro and enables Systems Designers and Architects to manage and visualize complex API data flow sequences with ease. 

Data Flows enables you to easily visualize and manage the interactions between different API endpoints, ensuring your data moves smoothly and as intended across your applications.

OpenAPI Schemas

Mapping API data flows is great, but for the system diagram to be meaningful, the components need a reference schema. OpenAPI is a powerful specification language for APIs that is language agnostic. It is an excellent spec for documenting RESTful APIs because of its simplicity.

With the release of Tangram Pro v2.3, you can now upload OpenAPI Schemas directly in Designer. This capability allows you to seamlessly integrate and leverage these schemas in your systems. Any API conforming to the OpenAPI standard can be applied to your components to build and visualize a system.

That means you can now govern the API data flow system from an architecture level. This makes managing and updating your system more efficient because it is informed directly by the API specified.

All of the end points of the API show up in the system where you would expect to call them, and only where you can call them.

Project Releases and Management

To further enhance the collaborative environment of Tangram Pro, Teams now have the ability to manage the development of their software design Projects in Tangram Pro.

This includes gating the various steps of the project for review by peers and version control, ensuring only systems that have been reviewed and approved are released. The new Project Releases feature allows you to submit your projects for review, add comments, approve changes, and finally, release them. This structured process ensures that every release is thoroughly vetted and ready for production, improving the quality and reliability of your deployments.

The Verifier Toolkit is a great set of tools for ensuring the code matches the model and this will help you keep a human in the loop for rapid integration with confidence.

Flex Contracts

The Flex Editor now supports contracts and assertions, providing a robust environment for evaluating these elements. This enhancement allows for more precise control and validation within your projects, ensuring that your contracts are always up-to-date and correctly implemented.

New Flex Packages

We’ve expanded our library with the addition of the STANAG 4586 v4 package. This inclusion broadens the scope of your projects, particularly for those in the defense and aerospace sectors, ensuring compatibility with international standards.

New Transports

Tangram Pro v2.3 introduces support for NATS, a high-performance messaging system. This addition provides a lightweight, reliable, and flexible transport option for your applications, enhancing real-time communication and data streaming capabilities.


Security is a top priority, and our latest update reinforces this with enhanced authentication features. You can now enable and enforce OAuth authentication directly within your deployment configurations. This ensures that your APIs are protected with industry-standard security protocols, safeguarding your data and users.



Tangram Pro v2.3 is a significant step forward in API design and project management for our customers. With the introduction of OpenAPI Schema support, Data Flows, structured Project Releases, enhanced Flex capabilities, new Flex packages, support for NATS transport, and strengthened authentication, this release is designed to empower you to create, manage, and secure your projects more effectively than ever before.

These new features of Tangram v2.3.0 are available immediately for all Tangram Pro customers and Trial Users! 
    Did you know… you can sign up for a  14 day trial of Tangram Pro and get started right now!

For a detailed breakdown of the enhancements in this release, check out the User Docs or reach out to our support team for a demo. 

We are excited for you to explore these new features and look forward to seeing the innovative solutions you will build with Tangram Pro v2.3. As always, we value your feedback and are here to support you every step of the way. Happy designing!